NEW VIDEO: Our Future Depends on Good Family Planning

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Today, over one-third of Nigerian women who do not want to get pregnant lack access to contraceptives and family planning information as well as services – which, for many, will cost them their lives.

Please watch and spread information about this video.

WHARC has released a new Public Service Announcement video that illustrates the benefits of family planning. In “Meet the Okumos”, Jane and Peter Okumo are a newly-wed couple who look forward to starting a family. However, they want to save up enough money to be able to take care of their child properly and so, they use modern contraceptives to help plan their life.

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Why Family Planning is so important?

It is proven that modern family planning methods prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the number of unsafe abortions, and lower the incidence of death and disability related to pregnancy and childbirth complications.

Moreover, having access to family planning improves our families health,  increases opportunities for women, strengthens communities, and stimulates economic growth.

Enabling our women and families to make informed decisions about whether and when to have children is one of the best investments a country can make in its future.