AJRH Invitation for Manuscripts for a Special Edition


The African Journal of Reproductive Health Invites scholars and authors to submit articles for consideration for publication in a special edition of the journal in December 2013 that will focus on HIV/AIDS for the Volume17 Number 4 (Special Edition) to be published and presented to the general public on 5th December 2013.

The idea is to comprehensively review the state of current knowledge around HIV/AIDS, so that program administrators, advocates and policymakers in sub-Saharan Africa will use it as a guide for future action. The compilation would also be useful reference material for students and researchers engaged in discourse in this field, and re-direct policy, research and programmatic attention to this important but increasingly marginalized issue.

All types of articles are welcome including comprehensive reviews, meta-analysis, original research articles, program reports, commentaries or even opinion pieces as they relate to policies and programs on HIV/AIDS in all parts of Africa. We will also publish articles on best practices and experiences on HIV/AIDS in other part of the world that have implications for the African continent.

The deadline for receipt of Submissions for this special edition of the journal is 15th June 2013.  All articles with subject heading 2013 HIV/AIDS Special Edition should be emailed to the editor at feokonofua@yahoo.co.uk and also copied to the Managing Editor at africanjournalofreproductiveH@gmail.com. Submitted articles will be given accelerated reviews, and certainly a decision will be forwarded to the author(s) within 3 weeks of submission. We envision completing all proof-reading and editing of the journal by August 2013. The journal will be presented to the general public in Abuja, Nigeria with a special national lecture on HIV/AIDS and press conference on 5th December 2013.

We would be most grateful to receive cutting edge articles on HIV/AIDS for this edition. A copy of the instruction to authors of the journal can be obtained from the journal website: www.ajrh.info as guidance to prospective authors.